Saturday, June 28, 2008

Olympia Run

(Earlier photo)
Cindi and I decided on Thursday to take a boat ride to Olympia to visit our good friends the Fullington’s. We left the Gig Harbor at about 4:15PM on Friday afternoon and headed South. My nautical GPS was on the fritz so we just guessed on how to get to Olyimpia Harbor. It was a little confusing and I only had to “clarify” directions once with another boater.

We arrived in Olympia Harbor at about 6:00pm and had dinner downtown. We left Olympia Harbor at 8:00PM and made a bee-line for Gig Harbor. We ended up getting into Gig Harbor at about 9:45PM…Whew…

"What a blast!" I told Cindi as we were heading home at 30MPH with the sunset at our back and Mount Rainier in front of us….. “These are the days we dream of in February!”

Here are some pictures from our trip ....

Sail boat in Olympia Harbor with State Capitol in background.

Olympia Harbor

Mount Rainier

Olympia Police boat

3 masts after sunset in Gig Harbor

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Images near Lake Tahoe


Sorry for the delay in my postings. We had been visiting our family cabin near Lake Tahoe with our good friends the Hoffman’s. We had a blast just hanging out, hiking Lover’s Leap ( and Horsetail Falls ( .....and visiting South Lake Tahoe.

Here are some shots!

Grossbeak off of our cabin porch

Some kind of Butterfly on Lover's Leap trail

Mark Hoffman scaling the cliffs on Horse Tail Falls trail

Red Wing Blackbird near Pope Beach

Anna's Hummingbird of our cabin deck

Rainbow Trout in Strawberry Creek

Rainbow Trout no longer in Strawberry Creek

Song Sparrow near cabin

White Headed Wood Pecker next to Strawberry Lodge

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Fathers Day

Bald Eagle swooping in for Salmon...
It does not get much better than this. We had wonderful services today at church with over 30 baptisms (in a horse trough). It was truly an amazing experience.

After church, we took our boat out for a ride around the Gig Harbor area with our friends Andrea, Gunner and Juliana Erlenmeyer. It was (still is) beautiful weather today. My friend Steve Harlander also dropped of his Bazooka lens for me to try out while boating. Here are some shots from God’s amazing creation!


p.s. If you want to view any of my pictures in a larger format, just click on the picture you want to view

Dancing Pigeon Guillemot

(Light house taken earlier in the week)

Bald Eagle on the hunt

Harbor Seal

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Blake Island

Okay, I have decided that just posting pictures from Ray Nash Drive is really cramping my style. We continue to visit many cool places around the Pacific Northwest and I want to share some of my photographs with you.

That being said, Cindi and I headed out with my Brother Jim and his wife Judy to Blake Island today on our boat. Blake Island is about 20 miles north of Gig Harbor via boat. The trip was a blast and the wildlife was abundant.

Here are some shots from today’s trip..


Cedar Waxwing

Sea Lion

Bald Eagle (taken by Cindi)

Sea Otter eating Eel

Columbia Black Tail Deer

Friday, June 6, 2008

Low Tide an Clams

We have had record low tides this week in the Puget Sound. This coupled with my brother and sister in law in town only means clam digging (and eating).