Saturday, June 28, 2008

Olympia Run

(Earlier photo)
Cindi and I decided on Thursday to take a boat ride to Olympia to visit our good friends the Fullington’s. We left the Gig Harbor at about 4:15PM on Friday afternoon and headed South. My nautical GPS was on the fritz so we just guessed on how to get to Olyimpia Harbor. It was a little confusing and I only had to “clarify” directions once with another boater.

We arrived in Olympia Harbor at about 6:00pm and had dinner downtown. We left Olympia Harbor at 8:00PM and made a bee-line for Gig Harbor. We ended up getting into Gig Harbor at about 9:45PM…Whew…

"What a blast!" I told Cindi as we were heading home at 30MPH with the sunset at our back and Mount Rainier in front of us….. “These are the days we dream of in February!”

Here are some pictures from our trip ....

Sail boat in Olympia Harbor with State Capitol in background.

Olympia Harbor

Mount Rainier

Olympia Police boat

3 masts after sunset in Gig Harbor