Friday, September 19, 2008

Hummingbirds and Mt. Rainier

Work is really cramping my style. It seems like I have been not been able to take pictures for weeks. This past week we visited some friends on a business trip in La Verne, CA.. Since it was a business trip and I already had too much luggage...... I decide not to bring my digital SLR camera. It seems that every time I decide not to bring my Digital SLR camera with me, I regret it royally. This trip was no exception. Fortunately my wife brought her point and shoot digital camera with her. This was a good thing! The Alaska Airline airplane that we were on took off out of Seattle and went just West of Mt. Rainier. I was seated next to the window and decided to take some pics....

When we arrived at our friend’s house in California I quickly noticed that their backyard was loaded with beautiful hummingbirds. It was amazing. I decided to have some fun and try to take some shots. Taking good, clear pictures of small fast creatures with a point and shoot camera is not easy. For one thing, the zoom on the point and shoot is a whopping 3x power. My Nikon SLR is about 12x power. This made getting close ups a little harder. The cool thing was that these birds were not as weary as most hummingbirds I have photographed before. Here are some of the shots..