Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Design and Purpose

One of my favorite ducks of all time showed up yesterday off Ray Nash Drive. A pair of Beautiful Harlequin Ducks decided to hang out on a small dock taking in the sunshine. The colors on the male Harlequin are amazing. One web-site explains the male like this….. “Males in breeding plumage are unmistakable with their dark blue color, rufous sides and crown, and striking white patterning on the face, neck, sides, and back”….

After viewing these birds, I noticed some big splashes in Ray Nash Bay directly behind our house. Much to my surprise, it turned out to be a large Chum Salmon. This fish had made a right turn into Ray Nash Bay instead of a left. If he had gone left he would of found the small creek that hundreds of other Chum were heading up…

As some of you may know, I am a Christian. This blog in no way is a “Christian blog”… but, I got to tell you, the more I get out and take pictures on this amazing planet, the more I am convinced this earth did not come about by an “accident” as Evolutionists would teach. I am in no way antagonistic to those who do not believe in a Creator…I am just thankful that I have been introduced to the God that created this world with design and purpose…..

I am also hoping to see more of the rufous colors soon!