Sunday, January 18, 2009

Common Mergansers back in town

There was a pretty amazing brief moment of time yesterday off Ray Nash Bay in Gig Harbor. A group of around 100 Common Mergansers swam into Ray Nash Bay feverishly chasing small fish for a Saturday lunch. In the midst of this fun, a Bald Eagle swooped down and caught a fish that the Mergansers had herded up next to the shore.

When I went to look up some facts on the Common Loon, the Merganser-Eagle show that I had just witnessed was confirmed in writing.... Here is what it said......"Gulls of various species often follow flocks of foraging Common Mergansers. The gulls wait for the ducks to come to the surface with fish, and then they try to steal their prey. Occasionally even a Bald Eagle will try to steal a fish from a successful merganser".

Bald Eagle swooping in for a free fish
Male Common Merganser

One Male with two Female Mergansers

Mergansers feverishly chasing small fish

Slow take off out of Ray Nash Bay

Female Close Up