Friday, June 5, 2009

Wild boat ride

Well, it all started out so fun…Ashley had a friend over to watch the first game of the NBA finals. After about 5 minutes of the game, we all opted for a boat ride instead. It was about 85 degrees and we had just put the boat in the water. The water was calm as we headed out from our house towards Wollochet Bay to see some friends. I had noticed that some storm clouds were coming from the south as we were heading east towards the Fox Island Bridge. After viewing some really cool Harbor porpoises (

we pulled up to our friends house, had a diet coke and some popcorn on their deck. After a half hour or so, I said we had to get going because the wind was picking up. (Wow did it pick up). On the way back I happened to see a Bald Eagle being dive bombed by an Osprey, so of course.. I had to try to get some pictures.

This added about 10 minutes to our commute and about 10 MPH to the wind speed. After the photo op, we then got a call from another one of Ashley’s friends and we arranged to pick her up on Cromwell beach. After picking up our friend we headed under the Fox Island bridge. This is when it got “interesting”. We had huge waves crashing over the bow of our boat, waves hitting us in the face, etc.. I thought it was a great adventure….kind of like Tom Sawyer and Huck finn in their raft heading down the rapids of the mighty Mississippi….. Cindi did not quite see it that way.

By the time we got Hales Passage the waves were even bigger and the wind even stronger. By this time Cindi was officially screaming (and saying some discouraging words). We headed to harbor of Horsehead Bay and dropped Cindi and the two girls off at a house so they could hitch a ride (on the land) back to our house. Ashley’s other friend (a true male) and I headed back to our house with a slight grin (and life vests on our bodies). The sunset was unbelievable. I wish I had gotten some more pictures ..but..oh well, we made it back alive!