Sunday, May 16, 2010

Abstract pictures

I decided to change things up a little yesterday while taking my Saturday morning pictures. There is a technique I call “painting” that can create some pretty cool shots. They key is setting your camera to a slow shutter speed (1/8, ½, second, etc.) and moving the camera in a vertical motion while taking the picture. Here are a few examples… (The one of Cindi and George was taken with a slow shutter speed while zooming the telephoto lens)..

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Dennis Pleau said...

I was trying to take pictures in the theater of Michael’s concert and they look like yours. I didn’t know it was art, I thought it was because it was it was so dark. I used the 18 to 70mm because it is a stop faster than the 55 to 200, and set the ISO to 1600, and was still shooting 1/10 second exposures. I got a couple that are almost OK and will put them on FB tomorrow.