Friday, December 31, 2010

Random December 2010 photos

I am beginning to believe this vacation life has some promise.
 Here are some random shots from the month of December. The first picture (above) of the Olympics was taken at around 4:30PM today.

Wood Ducks

With the Lovely at Cle Elum Lake

Sunrise Beach shot from yesterday

 Swan Song on Sylvia lake
 Cold Rainier

 Morning Rainier shot from the Harbor

Frozen Nail on porch

Our son Matt and new Daughter in Law Emily!
 Mizu Chef in Gig Harbor....(order the Salmon)

Moonrise shot from our porch

Our Christmas 2010 photo of family (no daughter was hurt while taking this picture)


Matt Thomson said...

Best Christmas card photo I've ever received!

Is that a labrodoodle on your daughter in law's lap?

John Pleau said...

It is a MaltiPoop.....