Monday, April 11, 2011

Snail droppings

The sun is out this late Monday afternoon so I am not going to complain (even though it is 45 degrees on April 11th....but I digress).

Looking out our window I noticed the Seagulls were busy picking off Aleutian Moon Snails off the beach and then dropping them on the beach to crack them open an evening dinner.

The Aleutian Moon Snail Typical size:is  4-5” length. It is a
miniature version of the Lewis's moonsnail.
” lengthth brown mottling or blotching, light colored shell.
Comment: A miniature version of the Lewis's moonsnail, the Aleutian moonsnail tends to sport some mottling or brown spots on its soft body. Photographed at Sunrise Beach in southern Puget Sound.

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