Sunday, September 11, 2011


We recently visited St. Maarten in the Caribbean with some great friends. We decided to go to the airport side of the island to see if we could get some pictures of a plane coming in for a landing into the small international airport located on the Dutch side of the island. 

 We asked a local where the planes came over the beach and he pointed to a spot about 200 yards away from us. I just happened to look out to the horizon and saw a big plane headed into St. Maarten for a landing. I took off running while making some adjustments to my camera to be ready the pictures. I was standing next to three people on the beach who were also watching the plane come in. I quickly decided to run behind them and take the series of pictures to add some perspective to how large the plane was and how close it came to the beach and water. Once the plane when over us the wind from the engines and the plane were fierce. Sand was flying everywhere….it was amazing….Here is the series of 32 pictures I took of the event. ENJOY!


DeeDee said...

Reminds me of this video :o)

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Darn, I don't think the whole link is there.