Sunday, March 8, 2009

Uncommon Visitor

While on an early morning Sunday walk, I spotted one of my favorite species of waterfowl. A male Wood Duck had flown into a large fir tree next to our house, nervously looking for his mate.
If you challenged a professional painter

to paint the most beautiful duck he could imagine, he could not match God's creative colors and design of the male Wood duck.

If there was a little more light this morning, the colors of the drake would be even more vivid. Fortunately, even though it was not very light outside, I was able to get some pictures (thank you Nikon D-90 at 3200 ISO).

Here is some information on the Wood Duck:

"A colorful duck of wooded swamps and streamsides, the Wood Duck is one of only a few North American ducks that nest in trees. Many people consider it to be the most beautiful of all waterfowl".